A local-multiplayer racing game where you can't see the track and have to use sonar pulses instead. Each sonar pulse you release will slow you down and will also help your opponent see the track, so use it sparingly.

Some Background:

This is a polished version of a game I made for my Pixel Prototype class. That week, we had to pick a game made by a classmate during the semester, take the central idea from it, and try to execute that central idea better than original game did.

I picked a game where the player had to navigate an obscured maze, using only sound to figure out their position and environment. For the central idea, I wanted my game to be about players struggling for information that they could easily gather if they had a clear visual.

After free-writing some things for inspiration, I got the idea of using sonar to see the environment. That train of thought eventually led to this game.

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This is an okay game. Interesting concept for a racing game and I'm sure I'd be fun if there was ai to race against, or multiplayer.  But since there isn't multiplayer or AI and there's 1 track, i couldn't make myself play for more than 2 minuets.

Thanks for the feedback. By multiplayer did you mean online multiplayer? Because there is split screen multiplayer.

Anyway, I think you're right that a single track is a weakness of the game. I thought that a future for this game might be in procedurally generated tracks that players race over the course of three laps or so, since the game isn't fun if both players have completely memorized the map. Regardless, I hope the concept was interesting enough to be worth the try.

Thanks for playing!