A Quick Intro:

Have a good picnic by making sure that you and your kids are fed.

The mechanics are about managing your attention between multiple aspects of the game while preforming a pretty simple task of moving and sorting plates of food.

Some Background:

The game is a polished version of a prototype I made for my Pixel Prototype Class. The prompt for that week was food so I thought though food related settings like bars and restaurants. Eventually I thought of picnics, and the general idea of falling bird poo and food management among family members came from there. I was also thinking about games like Overcooked and which led to the hectic feeling of this game.

Font Licenses:

(Also included in the downloads as a .txt file)


The font is also available here: https://www.dafont.com/pixel-operator.font

Audio Attributions:





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It looks like a fun game and eventually fun to play too, these kind of attention games are always kind of interesting. However, there could be some advice on what buttons to press, to make the learning faster. If you're interested ,you could enter this game to our annual Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll enter another (better) game into the competition.

That's great then, good luck!